Sustaining capital spend for FY-2020 is expected to amount to approximately $9.0 million (of which $2.7 million has been incurred in H1-2020), a decrease compared to the initial FY-2020 guidance of $13.0 million due to less mining maintenance required following the transfer to contract mining. I was very impressed with how far we're being. The 2020 estimates are for Endeavour Silver Corp. earnings to decrease by -267.1%, but the outlook for the next 5-year period is at 0% per year. 2Realized Gold Price inclusive of Karma stream; 3Realized Gold Price less  All-in Sustaining Cost per ounce; 4Net revenue less All-in Sustaining Costs; 5Net revenue less All-in Sustaining Costs and Non-Sustaining capital. Net cash used in investing activities during H1-2020 was $105 million, down $73 million compared to H1-2019, mainly due Ity CIL construction being completed in Q1-2019. Following the recent resource addition, the updated Le Plaque reserve estimate is expected to be published in Q3-2020 and integrated into the Ity mine plan. 29.99 - 35.10 Lakh *.It is available in 4 variants, a 1996 cc, BS6 and a single Automatic transmission. Welcome to Endeavour. Endeavor Business Media delivers high-quality content in various B2B media markets. This was mainly attributable to the negative non-cash working capital variance of $28 million compared to the positive $9 million variance in Q1-2020 (details in note 8 above), coupled with  a $17 million decrease in revenue as a result of 25koz fewer gold sold, a $17 million outflow related to gold collar fees and settlements, and an $12 million increase in taxes paid. Thank you, Operator. Per this projection, the revenue is forecast to grow +15.8% above that which the company brought in 2019. Processing unit costs increased from $12.49 to $14.31 per tonne driven by increased reagent costs. The bad news is that it doesn't really change, the higher prices don't really change the amount of ounces in the ground. Don, do you have anything else to add to that? The collar expired at the end of June 2020 with the final payment on the collar due to early Q3-2020. Endeavour Silver Corp. (NYSE:EXK)’s Major holders. ENDEAVOUR REPORTS STRONG Q3-2020 RESULTS AND DECLARES FIRST DIVIDEND Record cash flow per share l Net debt reduced by $298m to $175m l First dividend declared at attractive yield HIGHLIGHTS Q3-2020 production increased by 64% over Q2-2020 to 244koz while AISC decreased by $33/oz to $906/oz Production expected to continue to increase in Q4-2020 due to Boungou restart and ramp-up … For much of the last two decades, if you’ve wanted a big, burly, 7-seater SUV that doesn’t have a luxury badge on the front of it, you’ve aspired for the Toyota Fortuner or the Ford Endeavour. This is Godfrey. Obviously, higher metal prices, both for gold and silver. Mining unit costs increased from $2.66 to $2.76 per tonne mined due to mining more fresh material at a deeper elevation in the North and South pits. Due to this, the underground operation was temporarily halted which resulted in a shortage of higher grade ore feed. Meanwhile, sales figures of the Ford Endeavour in November 2019 were 724 units. Dan here again. On behalf of the Board of Directors I wish him all the best in the future.” added Sébastien de Montessus. Net cash used in investing activities in Q2-2020 was down $9 million as Endeavour received $12 million of proceeds for the sale of its fleet at Karma and associated spares, as part of the shift to owner mining, whereas Q1-2020 included a $5 million payment for the increased Ity ownership (contingent consideration based on ounces discovered). COVID precautions in place, both our prevention plan and our urgency response plan. For more information, please visit 1, Table 31: Detailed Production Guidance As guided, production increased due to the higher throughput rate and grade stacked. Last but not least, El Compas is pretty much on plan. Following the podium finishers was the VW Tiguan AllSpace, that registered a sale of 138 units in November 2020, 28 units less than the same month last year. For a discussion regarding the company’s use of NON-GAAP Measures, please see "note regarding certain measures of performance" in the MD&A. uncountable (effort) effort nm nom masculin: s'utilise avec les articles "le", "l'" (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), "un". In Chile, we are currently drilling at the Paloma property, and we're following up on an intersection that we got last year in our first hole. We have been, as you know, actively scouring the district for opportunities and continue to do so, but there's no decision that has been made whether to buy something and restart or just sell the whole thing yet. Endeavour is a British television detective drama series. Processing unit costs increased from $6.14 to $6.56 per tonne due to higher use of cyanide and cement associated with the low grade GG1 materials stacked. We've got lots of work to do, but we're finally into the final feasibility process. AISC increased as expected due to higher sustaining waste capitalization, higher royalty costs and a shift to mining and processing a higher proportion of harder fresh ore. With the recent receipt of the Kari Pump mining permit, Houndé is expected to achieve the top end of its full year 2020 production guidance range of 230,000 - 250,000 ounces and the bottom end of its AISC guidance range of $865—$895 per ounce. Certain line items in the table above are NON-GAAP measures. Twitter. Good progress has been made to swiftly integrate Boungou within Endeavour’s West African operating model. Potential variances to existing Endeavour classifications and calculation methodologies may result in adjustments affecting results. Changes in historical information may occur due to adjustments in accounting and reporting standards & procedures. I wonder if you could just give us a sense of how you would apportion this cash flow by a way of preparation for Terronera, obviously, what's happening with Parral, and maybe the need for mine life expansion through drilling and discovering actual operating assets. It actually is really good. The amount for H1-2020 increased slightly compared to the corresponding period of H1-2019 mainly due to interest payment on equipment leases at Ity. Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Mahindra Alturas Feb 2020 Sales Comparison. Sustaining capital spend for FY-2020 is expected to amount to approximately $8.0 million (of which $3.4 million has been incurred in H1-2020), an increase compared to the initial FY-2020 guidance of $4.0 million due to increased waste extraction following the change in the mine plan. Non-sustaining capital remained low, marginally increasing from $0.1 million to $0.3 million. Non-sustaining capital increased slightly from $0.6 million to $0.8 million in Q2-2020, mainly related to the air strip build. For a discussion regarding the company’s use of Non-GAAP Measures, please see "Note Regarding Certain Measures of Performance" in the MD&A. Again, implying that there's still room for improvement on throughputs. Good morning, good afternoon. 3Pro Forma and SEMAFO figures are non-GAAP. 1 CAUTIONARY STATEMENT ON FORWARD-LOOKING INFORMATION. Total tonnes mined decreased due to both fewer tonnes of ore mines and a lower overall strip ratio. Endeavour Sales Point. Operating cash flow before non-cash working capital for Q2-2020 amounted to $85 million (or $0.77 per share) in Q2-2020, down $34 million over Q1-2020, mainly due to lower ounces sold, an outflow of $17 million related to hedging programs and an $11 million increase in taxes paid which was partially offset by an $11 million decrease in operating expenses. Further insights have been provided in Note 16 above. Guanacevi, we also have loss carry forwards there. I'd just like to open with comment on the quarter. I should point out, however, that the improved rates are accompanied by higher royalty payments. We typically do year-end planning, but just give you an idea of what we would do. After the presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions. AISC decreased mainly due to slightly higher sales volumes and lower mining unit costs which more than offset higher royalties and higher processing and G&A unit costs. Endeavour Consulting - Sales and marketing consultancy for the independent hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. Before we get started, I'm required to remind you that certain statements on today's call will contain forward-looking information within the meaning of applicable securities laws. In addition, the cyber security response was updated and is constantly tracked in light of the increased cyber security risk generally observed during the pandemic. Recovery rates increased slightly based on the ore blend characteristics. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. The AISC remained flat as lower sustaining capital spend offset higher unit mining, processing and G&A costs and increased royalties. The integration planning process was launched with the SEMAFO team after the transaction announcement in March 2020 and implemented on transaction close. Good progress has been made to swiftly integrate Mana within Endeavour’s West African operating model. 1, Table 32: Detailed AISC Guidance Please go ahead. The majority of the exploration work planned for 2020 was conducted in H1-2020, ahead of the rainy season, with approximately 85% of the original full year guidance already completed. Ultimately that reduces the value of that deferred income tax assets. We have also maintained our exploration activities, with 85% of our FY-2020 budget already spent in the first half of the year, ahead of the rainy season. I would say we probably tripled the number of doctors we have on staff now, just during this COVID, just because it does take up quite a bit of time for them when shift changes on. The realized gold price excluding the gold stream at Karma, would have been $1,653/oz for H1-2020 and $1,311/oz for H1-2019. Production decreased from the comparative period in 2019 as a result of processing only stockpiles in H1-2020. Twitter. Please refer to Endeavour's most recent Annual Information Form filed under its profile at for further information respecting the risks affecting Endeavour and its business. No mining activity took place during the quarter. Yes. We're going to mine the veins, are the cutoff grades can drop a bit, but we're mining such high grade at both operational assets that certainly, at Guanacevi that had zero impact. I mean, with higher prices, is there some, let's call it, mineralized material that was outside the resource that might come in, or if you've been able to get any further in talks for neighbouring projects? SEMAFO reports total cash costs based on ounces sold. Surendhar M - March 4, 2020. Let's drill down a little bit into the numbers. Reimbursement of this facility has commenced and will continue during Q3-2020 and Q4-2020. Surendhar M - November 7, 2020. 1 This is a non-GAAP measure. Production decreased slightly as lower processed grades were partially offset by increased mill throughput. You can purchase a license for Endeavour in our online store. Yes, I don't think we're going to average 1,200 tonnes per day at either operation next year, we're certainly going to be bumping up against it on a regular basis. Thanks, Brad. First of all, I would like to welcome Don Gray to the group. Dan here. Looking at the company’s year-on-year earnings, data shows that the past 5-year has an earnings growth rate of 13.6%. In addition, the Group has also taken a number of proactive steps, including: Assessing the supply chain with a focus on ensuring continuity of supply in a range of scenarios. We've always, historically, balanced our capital spending from our cash flow modeled each year. Q2-2020 production for Endeavour's assets amounted to 149Koz, a decrease over Q1-2020, due to a lower production at Ity and Karma. Taxes paid in H1-2020 decreased slightly compared to the previous year, despite significantly higher revenues, mainly due to a decrease of taxes paid at Houndé (due to installment payments being made). We're mining property at Guanacevi where there are very significant royalties paid. H1-2020 production for Endeavour's assets amounted to 321koz, an increase over H1-2019 mainly due to the start-up of the Ity CIL operation in late Q1-2019 while AISC increased in line with guidance. We've got, I. think, one of the best outlooks in the sector with leverage to cash flow, not only from higher metal prices but falling costs. Ford Endeavour current engine specifications include a highly powerful 3.2 L diesel engine, which generates a max power of 197 bhp @ 3000 rpm and a max torque of 470 nm @ 1750-2500 rpm while the 2.2 L TDCI diesel engine generates a max power of 158 bhp @ 3200 rpm and a maximum torque of 385 nm @ 1650-2500 rpm. The sustaining capital expenditure for Q2-2020 decreased slightly over Q1-2020 mainly due to a decrease in spend at Agbaou. More details on individual mine capital expenditures have been provided in the above sections. I'd also, especially, like to recognize Godfrey Walton who was with me when we went to Mexico in 2003, looking for an asset we can build a company around. As such, as at June 30, 2020, its Pro Forma liquidity stood at $545 million. Twitter. Then thinking about next year, I know it's a little early to provide guidance probably, but from a modeling standpoint, should we be thinking about the Guanacevi and Bolanitos returning to normal operating rates near their plan capacity? To join the question queue, you may press star, then one on your telephone keypad. In addition, gold in circuit increased due to gold locked in the heap which is expected to be recovered in the upcoming quarters. In addition, host governments in Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Mali have taken strict and pro-active measures to minimize overall exposure in their countries. Then it'll go quiet during our summer and become active again in the fall and through Christmas. The H1-2020 royalty expense was $109/oz, up from $69/oz for H1-2019, due to both the higher realized gold price and an increase in the underlying royalty rate based on the applicable sliding scale (above a spot gold price of $1,300/oz, government royalty rates in Burkina Faso increase from 4.0% to 5.0%, and above a spot gold price of $1,600/oz rates increase from 4.0% to 5.0% in Côte d'Ivoire). Generally, these forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as "expects", "expected", "budgeted", "forecasts", and "anticipates". This is Godfrey's last earnings call, and so kudos, Godfrey. It is a prequel to the long-running Inspector Morse and, like that series, is set primarily in Oxford.

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